About Us

Nikolas Rose is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College, London. He has published widely on the social and political history of the human sciences, on the genealogy of subjectivity, on the history of empirical thought in sociology, and on changing rationalities and techniques of political power. For the last decade, his work has focussed on the conceptual, social and political dimensions of the contemporary life sciences and biomedicine, and on how new technologies are intertwined with new images of personhood.

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Caitjan Gainty is a Lecturer in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at King’s College, London. Her research is primarily located in the twentieth century, methodologically and substantively focused at the intersections of medicine, visual and media studies and technology. Her first research project focused on the particular intersection of efficiency and medicine in early to mid- twentieth century US history. Her next builds off of this to think about movement, a key diagnostic and therapeutic category for early twentieth-century practitioners especially, and its material manifestations – film, architecture, objects, design – in medical culture.

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Kathryn Schoefert is a historian of mid-twentieth-century medicine and science whose work focusses on the relationship between brain sciences and clinical medicine. She is particularly interested in the history of modern psychiatry, neurology and neuro-science.

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Léonie Mol is a PhD Candidate at King’s College London (Department of Global Health & Social Medicine). Her research project focusses on contemporary psychiatry and its clinical and cultural implications, with a particular interest in eating disorders.

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We are all based at King’s College London. Nikolas and Léonie in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine. Caitjan and Kathryn are based in the Department of History.