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  • On Simple and Complex Things: Goldstein’s Holistic Approach

    (Based on an earlier draft by Léonie Mol.) Opening The Organism ([Der Aufbau des Organismus (1934)] 1939), Goldstein wrote: If I am correct in my views, all previous attempts to understand life have followed the method of working from the lower to the higher. […] The determining view has remained that the lower organisms are… Read more »

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    This is a non-exhaustive list as of 1 March 2018. See also this site’s reading notes posted by Léonie and the footnoted comments on videos. Publications Andreas Killen. Homo cinematicus: science, motion pictures, and the making of modern Germany. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017. Stefanos Geroulanos and Todd Meyers. Experimente im Individuum. Kurt Goldstein und die Frage des… Read more »

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